Casa Bermellón TASTING      


– Tasting of Tres Illustres Blend 2020, Bermellón 2019 and Tres Illustres Petit Verdot 2018

– Table of cheeses and delicatessen of the house.

AR$4,900 per person


– Tasting of 4 limited edition wines, led by our winemaker: Bermellón 2019, Tres Illustres Cabernet Franc 2018, Petit Verdot 2018 and Red Blend 2018.

– Table of cheeses and delicatessen of the house.

AR$6,900 per person

(the value of the tasting can be used as store credit for wine purchase)

“To enjoy in our gardens, beside the vines, or at home”

Eating at Casa Bermellón is coming across the meeting of both mendocinean and immigrant roots. The proposals in our menu represent a cultural journey, typical meals of different culinary landscapes.

Cobos 4397, Perdriél, Lujan de Cuyo, Mendoza, Argentina.


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    “Get to know our unique and irreplicable wines”

    The history of Casa Bermellón

    Have you ever traveled in time? Surely yes. Every time you came across a photograph of your grandparents, every time you blew dust off a lost book in an attic, every time you used an old sewing machine, every time you watched a vintage immigrant movie, or the last time that you tried a homemade lasagna…

    That is what usually happens in Casa Bermellón. And it is that, to begin with, the house is in a place that is, without going any further, living history: the mythical Cobos street, in Pedriel, Luján de Cuyo.

    In this area you can find some of the oldest productive vineyards in Mendoza, and many of the most important wineries in the country are located on it. It also retains the imprint of producers in the area, where, in addition to the famous wines and the required grapes, cheeses, sweets, preserves, oils are made…

    It is a micro-region with a solid historical base and a deep projection in the future (that, without counting the tremendous development of the present…)

    Casa Bermellón is from 1932, and it houses a hectare of Malbec, from 1910. A vineyard plowed on horseback and with traditional irrigation, where all cultural work has been carried out since then in an agro-ecological manner.

    There are lived and breathed the stories of our grandparents, Italian, French and Spanish immigrants, who, like all the grandparents of all people, were building our DNA, and intertwining their culture with ours, to explain to us, suddenly, why we are passionate about things we have never done, or why certain aromas remind us of places we do not know.

    Among those stories and past lives (so present) are winemakers, cooks, a feminist dressmaker who loved antique auctions, post-war survivors who came to “make America.” Immigrants who, above all, overcame adversity and learned to treasure the moments lived. So much so that they turned the house into a “port” through which many people came and passed who felt the warmth of that “port-home” reflected in a good table, a good cheese, wine, music and reading, the joy.

    Casa Bermellón it is that “port-home” full of those immigrant cultures that, without letting go of their traditions, learned to love those of the new homeland, and embraced the customs of this land.

    Perhaps that is why we make the wines we make, and the way we make them: because we find in wine the place where we capture all the memories, stories, cultures, flavors and aromas that forged this place.

    You are welcome, always.